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Chinese Marriage

Since ancient times, marriage has been regarded as one of the three most blessed events in the life of a Chinese person. The other two are passing the imperial examination and the birth of one's children. Marriage was solemnized with lots of interesting customs performed to this day.

In olden days, following feudal customs, young men and women were not allowed to choose their future partner themselves. The decision was made by their parents and a matchmaker's words. Some youths even had their mate picked out for them before they were born. When both sets of parents agreed on the union, they would exchange betrothal gifts and choose a day they believed to be auspicious to hold the marriage ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was supposed to be the highlight of the whole marriage. The bride was regarded in a high position and was the center of attention, but was expected to be obedient in her new family after the wedding day. The new couple would kneel in front of the bridegroom's parents and bow deeply to the heaven and the earth, to their parents, and to their future life together. During the wedding feast, the guests thought of intriguing games for the couple to play. Their embarrassment would bring gentle laughter from the guests.

Today, although customs have been simplified and westernized, there are some that are still observed, such as giving children pieces of money wrapped in red paper, putting peanuts and melon seeds amongst candies, the bride returning to her home three days after the wedding, and others.

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